No one was ready for 2020. But just like that, it happened – and today we all find ourselves in a different world.

Here at Elmore Hill McCreight Funeral Home & Crematory we are adjusting to this different world but keeping our traditions intact. 

Due to social distancing we are providing our families with options like Live Streaming services on our web site.  We can also record any type of service and place it on our website for everyone to see at their convenience right on there computer or smart device.

Visitations today are not like before COVID 19 we are able to put pictures from the family together and make Memorial Videos showing memories that the family would like to share with everyone.   

" Online Funeral Planning is as simple as scheduling an appointment with us and sitting down in front of your computer.  We will be glad to go over every little detail with you"

"Bringing families together during a very emotional time in there life."

"Plan together Not Alone."